Tales of the Foxsyn Arcanum

Written By J. M. Matheis




The tale so far…

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The Twins of the Aletere

This is the story of Groyven and Tiffaniel Desilantre, orphaned twins and marked with the elemental powers of the Demon’s Thread. 


It is the first entry into the record of their trial-by-fire.



Shadow of the Eclipse is the tale of two siblings and their fight for survival in world far removed from our own. A world of magic, fantasy and savagery.




It is currently a Web Novel. New chapters or segments will be published on Wednesdays and Saturdays.   



Available to read on Royal Road and ScribbleHub 


Check out the sample first chapter of the Audio Book read by the author, now available on Patreon

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This is not a tale for children. It contains adult themes and language.


Author’s Note: Light and dark themes are in action on this site for easier reading (box in the bottom right corner)