Chapter 36 – Obscure Conversation

Antrandis stood alone in the small clearing, the morning sunlight sending shafts of light through the canopy to the forest floor. The evening before last, at the height of the eclipse, four souls entered this world on this very spot. Antrandis glanced around, absorbing the surrounds. When he and Winter had come across the wolf… Continue reading Chapter 36 – Obscure Conversation

Chapter 32 – Winter’s Mind

Pre-dawn cast a blush over the crests and valleys north-east of the pass of Healdsmeare and deep into the shadow to the north of the great mountain of Scarosant. Lush shades of apricot and peach, spreading to lavender at its furthest extents coloured the skies and landscape. Occasional white clouds, seemingly on fire from within… Continue reading Chapter 32 – Winter’s Mind